Director of Sales

Al Rodriguez is known by his friends, colleagues, and clients as Coach Al Rod. Drawing from his experience as a winning football coach, Al brings a “Straight Talk – Straight Answers” style and philosophy that has literally helped thousands of loan originators and real estate agents
gain the clarity and confidence necessary to WIN in business and in life.

Al has been in the mortgage business for 25+ years. Initially, as a top-producing
loan producer, then manager, and eventually started and grew a multi-office
mortgage company, become an owner/broker of a real estate franchise, real estate investor,
as well as a speaker and coach to thousands of sales professionals on mindset, marketing and the power of teamwork.

His practical, high-energy style is for those committed to go to another level!

Coach Al Rod will inspire you, coach you and guide you to your biggest and best
breakthroughs in business while maintaining a fantastic personal and family life
that brings joy and fulfillment.

Al has been married for 20+ years, and is a proud father of 4, grandfather of 3, an
avid fitness enthusiast, loves to travel and rates personal growth as a top priority
in his life. He and his family make their home in Texas.